Monday, April 04, 2005

8:18 AM

Well, we just left our hotel in Missouri and we're officially on the road to Bixby! I'm pretty tired right now, but The Killers are waking me up, haha. "Cause I'm Mr. Brightside!" Okay, I'll shut up now. My dad, of course had to make a whole new blog for this trip. I could post on it if I wanted to, but I'm fine with a pen and paper right now. My sister just pointed out that today's the first official day of spring break, because it's Monday. Well, even better is the fact that the date today is 4-4-05 which added together equals 13! How fabulous is that?
Whoa, now we're driving over some hills now. Poor dad, and he already has a headache. Oh, and my sister is being quite retarded, imo. She just asked if we're going to see more Bush signs now that we're down south, and she thinks the farms are "cute." HELLO! We have farms in Michigan too. But I'll let her think whatever she wants. Hmmmm..... there are some interesting billboards down here. One says there's a restraunt called Frumpy Joe's, and Crazy Dick's and Itchy's. Also, every time my mom does something weird my sister cries "Write that down, Morgan!" My sister also says that the road has a southern breathe. What the hell does that even mean? Okay, well I'm having too much fun writing down what everyone is doing, so maybe I should stop. Besides, the song I'm listening to now deserves my full attention. I loooooove Andy, You're A Star by The Killers!


Blogger bloodymary said...

hey morgan, was bixby any fun? i looked at some sites on bixby but it looks pretty bloody boring. but of course midnight makes it great. Maybe if you had any pictures of bixby your could put those on your site?

5:56 PM  
Blogger Frankie said...

wow your really obsessed ya know that. it's kind of sad really

6:57 PM  
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