Tuesday, April 05, 2005


My mom is in the school again, trying to get Bixby High t-shirts. Woohoo, fun. I wish I could have gone. Oh, a police man just pulled up, and we think he's going to arrest my mom because she's taking FOREVER!

Okay, she's out now, and we got the t-shirts!!!! We got one for me, one for my sister, then one for my cousin Nat, and one for Scott Westerfeld. And my mom, to actually get the shirts, was taken inside by a student into a classroom. My mom is still talking about it. Apparently, they were asking her questions about why she came to Bixby Oklahoma on her Spring Break. Then, when my mom brought up the book, they'd never heard of it. But for some reason they asked if it had anything to do with the sodlands. My mom asked if they were the same as the badlands, and they said yes. So, there are badlands! Just not at those corodinates. Anyway, I have decided that Bixby is one of my favorite places on earth. Everyone there is just so nice, and it had a really good vibe. I wish Holland was like that. I want to go to school in Bixby now! I love my friends, but other than that, the people at my school are so.... conservative and religious. I normally don't have a problem with that, but they're all so snotty about it. So I have learned: The South makes all of us here look like bitches. I like Bixby better. Okay, now I'm officially done talking.


OMFG, there's a place called Daylight Donuts in Bixby!!!!! That's like, totally ironically fawesome! Well, we're leaving Bixby now..... tis sad. I didn't even see Melissa. Damn. But there's one Greene and one Day in the phonebook. There are tons are Martinezes, but one of them has to be..... Heehee, just messing. You know, people in Oklahoma are so friendly. There's the woman from the Bixby museum who was nice, and the guy who owned the little chapel and liked to talk, and then the girl from Broken Arrow who worked at the deli, and told us where the mall was!!!!

Monday, April 04, 2005


Well, sorta found Darkling Central. It's a little more industrial than discribed. Well, you just have to see the pictures.

(Darkling central)


Wow, do these people like to talk! But seriously, they're all so incredibly friendly here. Everyone wants to talk to us, it's quite amusing. We've gotten some very odd looks, no doubt. Especially from the librarian! I actually found an area of some nice cute ranches that Jessica might live in, you never know. Oh, and we also found a circle of new developmemt houses that look very Grayfoot-worthy.

(Downtown Bixby)

(They're adding on to Bixby High)

(The Bixby High School sign)

(Bixby High School)

(A mammoth 'sp?' tooth found in Bixby Oklahoma!)

(A replica of the world's largest watermelon, which was grown in Bixby Oklahoma)


Welcome to Bixby Oklahoma! Wow, it's actually bigger than I expected. We've already taken some fawesome photos, and we're looking for Bixby High now. I hope they sell t-shirts! Oh, we saw a sign for Bixby Public Schools, and they're not the Wildcats, they're the Spartans. Personally, I like Wildcats much better. Anyway, we're going to go press some librarians for answers! I'll check back later.

(Me and my sister by the Bixby sign. Wow, it looks like I'm wearing hooker boots! Liz pointed that out for me)


Cows are cute. Especially the babies. Oklahoma must be wild about cows because there are quite a few out here. Oh, and Snape is very sexy, but I decided that a long time ago.


Even MORE breaking news. Oklahoma is incredibly flat.


Well, back from the tourist place center thingy! No brouchures about Bixby. Tis sad.


More breaking news. There is more than just country music/Madonna on this radio station! Thank God they play Green Day!


We just had lunch at some place called Shonney's in Joplin. My mom is listening to her music, so I'm trying to tune it out with my iPod. Also, I got a Three Musketeers that I hope doesn't melt. Blech, I ate too much chocolate. We're approaching Oklahoma and my dad realized that we should also be looking for another book-oriented object: The Oki Dog, which is from the Weetzie Bat books. My dad said I shouldn't let my very conservative science teacher, Mr. DeRitter, get ahold of those books, but the controversy is all the more reason to see that he "accidently" stumbles across them at one time or another. Ooooo, Evanescence is playing on my dad's iPod! I have "no idea" how that got in there, heehee. My parents say we're stopping at the Oklahoma Welcome Center. We've been joking about how they're probably going to think we're stalkers or something in Bixby. Hey, they might! I somehow doubt they get many tourists like us.


Apparently I am so "Midwestern" because I cringe every time we go down the big hills from the driveway to the restraunt back down onto the street. Ok, I like rollercoasters..... a lot..... but that's because the hills on rollercoasters are INTENTIONAL. There aren't supposed to be hills, scratch that, 20 ft DROPS on driveways.
Also, there's a restraunt around here called The Potter Stear and my mom thought it would be a stear in a pot on the sign, but instead it was a stear on pot. Surprised? So am I.


My interesting sister is giving me quite a bit to write about. She asked if we could go into the classrooms at Bixby High and ask if they knew a Rex, Melissa, Dess, etc. and my mom was like "You do know the book's fiction, right?" and she said "Yes, but it's science fiction." Then I said, "Ok then, is Star Wars real?" and she paused a second before answering "Yeah!" Ooooook.

8:46 AM

Breaking News. All the food on the billboards looks revolting. Yesh.

8:18 AM

Well, we just left our hotel in Missouri and we're officially on the road to Bixby! I'm pretty tired right now, but The Killers are waking me up, haha. "Cause I'm Mr. Brightside!" Okay, I'll shut up now. My dad, of course had to make a whole new blog for this trip. I could post on it if I wanted to, but I'm fine with a pen and paper right now. My sister just pointed out that today's the first official day of spring break, because it's Monday. Well, even better is the fact that the date today is 4-4-05 which added together equals 13! How fabulous is that?
Whoa, now we're driving over some hills now. Poor dad, and he already has a headache. Oh, and my sister is being quite retarded, imo. She just asked if we're going to see more Bush signs now that we're down south, and she thinks the farms are "cute." HELLO! We have farms in Michigan too. But I'll let her think whatever she wants. Hmmmm..... there are some interesting billboards down here. One says there's a restraunt called Frumpy Joe's, and Crazy Dick's and Itchy's. Also, every time my mom does something weird my sister cries "Write that down, Morgan!" My sister also says that the road has a southern breathe. What the hell does that even mean? Okay, well I'm having too much fun writing down what everyone is doing, so maybe I should stop. Besides, the song I'm listening to now deserves my full attention. I loooooove Andy, You're A Star by The Killers!